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The Arts – In all societies throughout history, Art has been the religious quest for freedom of the soul—from cave paintings to a symphony, from Dali and Wyeth to the first dancer in the moonlite and drummer on a log. Art is the attempt to express the inexpressible, to communicate the universal and subjective experience that is life itself. Only art continues and grows and goes on—no matter the age or the time of the artist.

The Arts
The Arts

The first logo of Zendik Farm magazine read “Creative Survival Through the Arts.” Wulf and Arol were always artists first—he was a musician, writer, sometime sculptor, painter and full-time philosopher, and his philosophy came out of the life-sustaining practice of his art. Arol was—and is—an actress, graphic artist, musician and dancer, and is now also a world-class vocal artist.

Zendik is an entire community of artists, each of us living out the Genius Potential Principle—that process through which the natural interests of the Self are discovered and translated into an area of work, which then becomes play, and ultimately becomes Art. Because of this commitment to the development of artists, Zendik is a uniquely iconoclastic place, a place where the veneration and practice of creativity are not severed from survival—in fact they are survival.



The Arts

$20 – (Shipping Included)

A collection of five full-production dance videos featuring Fawn, director of the Zendik Dance Company. Dance is sensual, erotic, holy—inscribed in our bodies and in our souls—and, whether solo or accompanied by Vong and the rest of the Company, Fawn brings every ounce of herself to this most ancient of human artforms. Comes in DVD or VHS format.


Soul Crying in the Night – $12

Into the Oracle – $12

Strange Times – $12

Rough Cuts – $12

You’ve Been Gone – $12

News Came Today CD+ – $10

WulfSong volume 1 – $12

The Arts Visual

Rev :

The Arts

Revel began painting to express his feelings of anger, isolation and his need to communicate. Like many artists he also found that he could justify “neurosis” as something one needed to create great art. He studied the masters but quickly developed his own style. He did take one art class in college and shocked the instructor with his bold approach to a class assignment: painting a standard still-life—which he turned into a surreal psychological landscape. After mounting shows of his work and selling some of his paintings, his personal pain reached an intense level and he left the U.S. for Spain. He decided while in Spain to come back to the U.S. and live and work at Zendik Farm. Some of his paintings are now on CD covers and mag covers and are being turned into posters available to everyone. He is extremely prolific and exemplary as a working Zendik artist. He signs his fantastic paintings “Zendik”.

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